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In order to be legally valid, the translation of a document considered as having legal value should be undertaken by a court-approved translator. This is known as a certified translation. For example, sworn translators translate birth certificates, qualifications and notarized documents, but also contracts, residence permits, proof of identity documents and many other legal documents. The translator stamps, signs and certifies the documents.


A good translation of your business texts is an investment decision. You’re making a conscious choice in favour of clear communication, lasting relationships and a solid reputation. In a globalized economy, more and more business is being done across borders. Good relations between clients, partners and investors are based on clear and open communication. It’s no easy task if you don’t speak the same language or fully understand the corporate culture, whether you’re dealing with general conditions, a privacy statement on your website, an employment contract, a code of conduct for your employees or a sales contract with an international client. We apply our experience, cultural knowledge and sector expertise to gain a full appreciation of your texts and produce an accurate translation.

Examples of legal texts

  • citations
  • notices
  • appeals
  • European arrest warrants
  • lease agreements
  • general conditions
  • notification forms (EU)
  • international letters rogatory
  • change of control and management of a top law firm
  • decentralization plan for a logistics company
  • public works concession for the construction and operation of a complex
  • proceedings for a European court


Langues traduites

Nous traduisons tous les types de documents. Faites confiance à des professionnels avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience.